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Dr Beck Resins Hardener & Varnishes

Insulating Varnishes
1. Binder varnishes for glass-fibre covered and braided wires.
2.Impregnation of electrical machine windings transformers, magnet coils for thermal
class 120 to 200 equipment Coating of core plate laminations, capacitors, electronic components etc.
3. Impregnation of hermetically sealed motors.
4.Impregnation of glass-fibre sleevings, tapes etc. Finishing varnish coatings for improved moisture and track resistance.
5.Products: ISOPOXY, Elmoglas, Elmotherm, Elmo®, ISONEL®, Elmo Luft, Becktol

Insulating Varnishes
1. Solventless resins for impregnation of electrical machine windings up to thermal class 200.
2. Impregnation of high voltage machines, magnet coils and instrument transformers, D.C. machines, traction motors.
3. Products: Dobeckan®, Dobeckot®

Electronic & Engineering Materials
ELANTAS Beck completes its product range for electrical industry by offering Electronic & Engineering Materials which are used for casting, potting & encapsulation. These compounds are used to improve electrical and mechanical properties of the components. Beck offers products based on epoxy & polyurethane with room temperature & heat curing versions. The focus is maintained by providing customized solutions. Beck has introduced products with special characteristics such as fire retardant properties without the use of any banned substance. Single component products, which can serve up to temperature ratings of 180 °C, have been developed.

Casting & Potting Compounds
Casting, potting and encapsulation of electrical and electronic components such as high voltage insulators, instrument transformers etc. Impregnation of high voltage windings of electrical machines. Binder resins for glass-fibre filament wound arc chamber tubes. Products: Dobeckot®, Dobefil, Dobeckan®IF